On the Road to...?

Hey friends! It's been a while...  Well, things got crazy. Shit hit the fan haha.
I am still kind of floating in air, not really aware what exactly happened, but I am finally starting to feel present and... okay.
A New First - Getting Fired for the First Time Starting with the most important - I am not at the farm anymore. After feeling -let's say lousy in a lack of a better word - and dissatisfied about many things, but most importantly about often feeling belittled and judged by my boss we finally had the talk that I was afraid of for some time. Everything escalated really quickly and...huh.
I am not sure how much of it I want to disclose. But I will say that it was very hard for me, being accused of many things and having a kind of conversation in which I did not feel respected or heard at all. Communication was far from perfect from my side as well. I realized later that I also got defensive when encountering the aggressiveness from other side, and exaggerated the burd…

Kiss Your Friends' Faces More

I've been reading a book about motivation called Drive by Daniel H. Pink and yesterday I encountered a very interesting notion in it. Drive is a positive psychology book that draws from many positive psychology antecedents and it mentions Self-determination theory (SDT), which says that all of humans basically long for three things: competence, autonomy and relatedness.
So basically in order to design an effective workplace (or anything else) you need to be thinking of on all of the above mentioned. This totally makes sense, right? Lots of food for thought I am dwelling on right now as I am slowly starting to move away from the unhealthy extrinsic-motivation-based environment we have been fed on ever since we entered nurseries as children...
In this post, however, I would like to focus on the last one of our human needs.
Well, I got you hooked on reading with that photo on top, haven't I? Isn't it amazing?
I came across that one while reading one of the last articles on o…

A Jolly Jolly December!

I am completely aware that it is almost the end of January and here I am writing about December.
But time moves in peculiar ways here in 8th Life. As Maja often voices it: "It is like we live in a time vortex!".  Time flies and stands still simultaneously.  Still, it would be a pity not to share the happenings of such a fun month.
The General Atmosphere If you are wondering whether it is possible to feel the festive spirit under the sun that heats you with somewhere around 20℃ it is clear you have never been around Stef in Christmas time. As a big lover of Christmas lights and decorations she ensured we were full of holiday spirit throughout all month. 

We embarked on an attempt of forming a little village choir! The idea was to go carol singing and collect money for our lovely local free shop. 
Unfortunately it did not work out in the end, but it was really funny while it lasted.
Especially when we discovered Mi burito sabanero... ♫♫Tuki tuki tuki, tuki tuki tuki ta..  

Taking a Moment

I had the most unusual NYE celebration.
You know how it is always such a big deal and people start discussing potential plans around October and then everybody is nervous because they don't know where to go and who to spend it with...

Well, I haven't been into that for a couple of years already. But I still participated it the folly. I don't really like to disappoint my friends.

This year was different. Now that I am far away from everyone I had some ideas that I would find new friends and I would spend this "very important" night with them (if you like to imagine future scenarios that rarely come true put your hands up 💩💩). But in the end Stef - my boss - spontaneously went to London and left the farm in my hands. It was me, Halel and a couple from Amsterdam. The night was absolutely chill and in the end nobody except for me was really up for going to the city to dancing but we went up in the village. God's finger pointed us in the right direction.

I welc…